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GDC Strategy

June 5, 2008

Global Dimension Capital’s motto is Create, Develop, Lead. The ability to create, develop and lead on a global platform is based upon nine high-performance competencies in three key areas: strategy, investment origination and execution.


1: Develop creative value added approaches to origination, investment, and repositioning of hotels.

2: Rigorously research, study, understand and forecast implications of macro level dynamics (capital markets, supply, demographics, customer, and product trends).

3: Shrewdly analyze, forecast and adopt new trends, technology and innovation.


4: Aggressively pursue the creative process of deal origination.

5: Develop win-win structures with partners to become the strategic partner of choice.


6: Perform meticulous due diligence. Be savvy on what issues are critical and which are not. Maintain a drive to close.

7: Tireless implementation of repositioning, marketing/sales, operations, and improvement, as well as strategic and tactical asset management.

8: Create best-in-class alliances through communication with constituents (investors, partners, employees, service providers).

9: Unlock asset value when the time is right. Never fall in love with an investment.




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